The Bulgarian-Romanian forum for the introduction of support measures for small-scale fishing has concluded.

From the 4th– to 7th July of this year, at the initiative of  “SP CONSULT BG” Ltd, at the “Briz 2” hotel in the city of Varna an interactive workshop was held regarding: “Identifying and categorizing the presence of the small-scale fishermen organizations, Consulting councils and LIFE platforms at a national and at a European level” and also “Analyzing the readiness of small-scale fishermen regarding their future inclusion in Consulting council or LIFE platforms”.

Over 40 representatives took part in the forum: from the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods (MAF) of the Republic of Bulgaria, National Agency of Fishery and Aquaculture (NAFA), the Fishery Resources Institute at the Academy of Economics within the city of Varna, the Fishery and Aqua Cultures Institute at the Academy of Economics within the city of Plovdiv, multiple representatives of small-scale fishermen in Bulgaria.

The Romanian side was represented by two organizations: “Black Sea Fishermen’s Association” and “The Federation Representing the Fishermen’s Interests in the Danube’s Delta” (city of Tulcea).

There were 14 presentations made at the forum: 6- from the institutional and academic authorities, two from the Bulgarian organizations and the other six from the “SP CONSULT BG” Ltd. team, which was the beneficiary.

The accented matters were in regards the popularization of good practices, applicable in the European Black Sea, biological contamination and the need for a balanced development of the multiple ecosystems, the need of a much large-scale representation of the small-scale fishing enterprises before the national, consulting and executive authorities of the European Commission, which implements the policies of the European Union. During the presentations and discussions certain matters were commented, such as: the participation of women in the small-scale fishing’s managing processes, existing restrictions on different levels and scales, means of overcoming them and the sector’s opportunity to be included in future Consulting councils, or LIFE platforms. Financing opportunities regarding the new Program for sea affairs and fishery for 2014 – 2020, which is due to star in Bulgaria, were also presented.

The forum was organized in regards to the implementation of pilot project: “SUPPORT MEASURES FOR SMALL-SCALE FISHING” as per Contract No. MARE/2014/04 – SI2.724176, made between the EUROPEAN COMMITTEE and “SP CONSULT BG” Ltd, for the total amount of 177 767 euros.


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