Luck follows fisher women

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About Kornelia Koleva the sea and fishing are love and passion. From a young age, she chooses to dedicate himself to this profession. Over the years, Cornelia, a member of the European Black Sea Fishermen’s Association, has visited many places and seas.

Today, luck and big fish are with her, on the island of Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Islands in Spain. The island is the longest of the Canary Islands and the second largest, but at the same time one of the less populated (94 386). The island is amazed by its vast sandy beaches and beautiful desert views. Here are two of the episodes of the Star Wars saga. Fuerteventura is just 90 km from the African coast. Its old name in the 15th century was Erbane, and this is due to the strong winds that the island is famous for.