European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea was established


  The goals set by the Association are to support the creation of a functional market infrastructure, contributing to transparency in the fishery market and reduce the possibility of unfair competition in the industry. Establish contacts and cooperate with international associations or other fishery organizations, create and maintain a sustainable balance between the existing resources […]

The last in the series of the informal meetings on the project “Support Measures for Small-Scale-Fishing” was accomplished


Measures were identified and future joint initiatives between Romania and Bulgaria in the field of small-scale fishing, which plays a major role in the overall economy of the sector and the economic and social fabric of many coastal regions located on both sides.

An informal working meeting will take place under the project proposal “Support Measures for Small-Scale-Fishing”


“Measures to support small-scale fishing” AGREEMENT FOR GRANT OF EUROPEAN UNION: MARE / 2014/04 – SI2.724176 and “SP Consult BG “.

The first meeting took place in Constanca with representatives from the Fishery Sector


With the iniatives of “SP Consult” OOD, between 23-25 February, 2016 three events took place in Constanca, Romania where the following representatives participated: Ancuta Kazimirovicz – Public Manager of National Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture; Representatives of “RO-Pescador; The President of the Black Sea Advisory Councils; Representatives from the Fishery Federation for Black Sea; Representatives […]

А workshop in Constanca, Romania will take place


Between 23 and 25 February, 20016 in Constanta a workshop between experts of “SP CONSULT BG” OOD, Black Sea associations in Romania and Romanian NAFA will take place. On the workshop the Pilot project “Support measures for small-scale fishing”, funded under the Contract Agreement with EC № MARE/2014/04-Sl2.724176 and “SP CONSULT BG” OOD will be […]

А registration of the “European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea” is on its way


On 18 February, 2016 the manager of “SP CONSULT BG” OOD, PhD Dimitrina Kostova and other representatives of the business sector in the fishery, took decision to establish an association with the name: “European Association of Fishermen in Black Sea”. The mission and vision of the organization is in the area of strengthening the credence […]

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