European Black Sea Fishermen Association with an opinion on the definition of small-scale fishing

The European Black Sea Fishermen Association participates in a research by the Black Sea Advisory Council, which aims to define precisely the parameters for the definition of small-scale fisheries for the Black Sea, to gather a database and the views of various stakeholders for this type of activity in the Black Sea.

In this connection the Association defines the following parameters according to the predefined criteria:

– Length of the boat – Up to 10 meters;

– Sailing area – Up to 3 nautical miles;

– Fishing time for one trip – Up to 12 hours;

– Engine power in kilowatts – Up to 100 Hp;

– Number of crew members – More than two people;

– Type of fishing gear – gillnets; fishing rods and trawlers;

– Number of fishing gear and marking – Up to 10,000 m, due to instability – unmarked;

– Quantity caught in kilograms /of unquoted species/ – Over 20 kg per trip;

– Number of trips per year – Over 20 trips;

– Navigation monitoring and control devices installed on board the fishing vessel – GPS;

– Landings for landing – Wherever the fishing vessel can land;

– It is forbidden to tranship / tranship from fishing vessel to an accompanying vessel – to ban the ban;

– Method of reporting the catch – Journal;

– Reporting time – Up to 24 hours after landing and landing of the catch;

– Location and method of sale of the catch – Up to 20 kg. to the end consumer directly from the total amount of catches on the boat.

On the basis of the aggregated data, the BISAC will make recommendations on the criteria for small-scale fisheries in the Black Sea and will define it.