“EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FISHERMEN IN THE BLACK SEA” is a separate legal entity – non-profit private benefit within the meaning of Art. 19/1 / in conjunction with Art. 2 of the non-profit purpose. She created under contract for grants from the EU № MARE / 2014/04 – SI2.724176 between the European Commission and “SP CONSULT BG”.

The Association is an independent, voluntary, democratic, self-governing, non-political non-profit private benefit of its members.

The goal of our association is to acquaint its members with state and community policies to cope with competitive pressures in both countries; support the creation of a functioning market infrastructure to contribute to the transparency of the market for fish and fishery products and to reduce the possibility of unfair competition in the industry; establishing contacts and cooperation with international associations and fisheries; creating and maintaining a sustainable balance between the state of existing resources and protect the socio-economic fabric of coastal communities and property in Bulgaria and Romania.

Application form for membership in the organizationApplication form for membership in the organization – individual

Application form for membership in the organization Application form for membership in the organization – legal entity

Chairman of the “European Association of fishermen in the Black Sea” is the manager of the “SP CONSULT BG”.