Highlights of the participation of the European Black Sea Fishermen’s Association in the IYAFA Regional workshop: Getting the story straight and envisioning a fair future for small-scale fisheries in Europe Vilanova de Arousa, Galicia, Spain


The working meeting opened with a brief presentation ofMulleresSalgadasfollowing ofintroductions by Organizing Groups: 1) International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF) –Mr. Maarten Bavinck; 2) Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE) –Ms. Marta Cavalle; and3) MulleresSalgadas–Ms. Sandra Amezaga. It was done overview and rationale of the workshop by ICSF. The meeting continued with the presentation […]

Technical measures regulation implementation report: your opinion counts! Participate in the stakeholder consultation (deadline 24/11/2023)


After more than 4 years of implementation and following the legal requirement of Article 31.1 of Regulation 2019/1241, in 2024, the Commission will report for the second time, to the European Parliament and the Council on the implementation of the Technical Measures Regulation. This important regulation contains rules on how, when and where the fishing […]

Sustainable fisheries: progress on fish stocks recovery, but more efforts needed to build a resilient sector*


The overall sustainability of the EU fisheries has improved and fewer stocks are overfished, according to a Commission Communication ‘Sustainable fishing in the EU: state of play and orientations for 2024′. At the same time, more efforts are necessary to ensure the resilience of fishing activities and continuous improvement of the fish stocks status. The Commission’s Communication is based on independent scientific assessments. Today’s communication outlines the orientations […]

Participation in the European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea in working groups of KSChM


The President of the European Association Fishermen in the Black Sea , Dr. Dimitrina Kostova, participated in the work of the middle working session of the Black Sea Advisory Council  , held in the period 9-11 May 2023 in the complex “Lebada”, Crisan, Romania. The topics debated by the participants were “Rapan fishing”, “Jobs in […]

A path to a business in fisheries


Starting a business is not always easy. This is certainly the case in the world of fisheries, where there is so much to know. In France, to help young people enter this old and important trade, the Finistère regional Fisheries and Marine Aquaculture Committee created the EU-funded Pathways to Fisheries project. This ‘one-stop shop’ helps […]

9-10 March 2023: GFCM Small-Scale Fisheries Forum Consultation in Rome, Italy


The General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean (GFCM) and Friends of Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF) (AKTEA, BISAC, CIHEAM Bari, LIFE, MEDAC, MedPAN and WWF) are organizing on 9-10 March 2023 in Rome, Italy a Forum Consultation for small-scale fishing. Based on the proposal of the Mediterranean and Black Sea SSF organizations attending the SSF Summit (September […]

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