Дима 1 Златев Добри-Добрев

At the General Assembly, held on 17 November 2017 in Borovets resort, the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FISHERMEN IN THE BLACK SEA make a change in the Management Board. Organization will be represented as until now by Mrs. Dimitrina Kostova, economist, and the other two members are Veselin Zlatev – lawyer and Dobri Dobrev – chairman of the Chernomoret’s town “St. Nikola” fishing organization.  This redistribution achieved balanced representation between the regular and associated members of the association.

A new members are accept to the General Assembly of the Association, and was discussed the forthcoming membership in the Advisory Council for the Black Sea.

EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FISHERMEN IN THE BLACK SEA”is a separate legal entity – non-profit private benefit within the meaning of Art. 19/1 / in conjunction with Art. 2 of the non-profit purpose. She created under contract for grants from the EU № MARE / 2014/04 – SI2.724176 between the European Commission and “SP CONSULT BG”.

The Association is an independent, voluntary, democratic, self-governing, non-political non-profit private benefit of its members.

The goal of our association is to acquaint its members with state and community policies to cope with competitive pressures in both countries; support the creation of a functioning market infrastructure to contribute to the transparency of the market for fish and fishery products and to reduce the possibility of unfair competition in the industry; establishing contacts and cooperation with international associations and fisheries; creating and maintaining a sustainable balance between the state of existing resources and protect the socio-economic fabric of coastal communities and property in Bulgaria and Romania.