The Final conference of the Pilot Project “Support Measures for Small-Scale Fishing” is ending

In conference was attended by more than 30 stakeholder representatives – the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, the Black Sea Advisory Council, the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, the Executive Agency for Fisheries and Aquaculture, non-governmental organizations in the industry, small-scale fishermen from Varna, Ahtopol, Varvara, Primorsko, Chernomorets, Tsarevo, Nessebar and others, and mass media too.

Between 2 and 3 October, time during the conference, which took place in Bulgarian town Nessebar, Festa-Panorama Hotel, was presented the main activities and results of the pilot project “Support Measures for Small-Scale Fishing”. There was presenting of the goal themes of practical guides that refer the important points in the development of small-scale fishing and the opportunities that politics and technologies provide for its future.

The European Commission’s DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ambassador, Ms. Martine Aussems, outlined the actions What Europa can do for SSF. Some of the other important topics also have be presented, as for example: The role of the Advisory Council for the Black Sea – administration and functions, White mussels and the challenge of small-scale fishing on their catches, as well as Bulgarian small-scale fishing fleet in the Black Sea.

Small-scale fishermen representatives have identified the key issues and successful solutions in the industry. In the finally, all participants united around the conclusion, that will need to be work together for the future solution on the main problems.

In a day two, the participants visited the newly built fishing port of Chernomorets, and as the same day they  have to go in Tsarevo, which fishing port just now apply for constructing funds. They also visited a fishing processing company “LIMNOS”, there the director presented its development over the years, and the technology of production and processing.

During the time of conference, European Association Fishermen in the Black Sea, is take up General Assembly to report and accept the annual results.

The Forum come about the contract MARE / 2014/04 – SI2.724176, Grant Agreement between the EUROPEAN UNION and SP CONSULT BG.