The first part of the activities under Pilot project” Support measures for small-scale fishing” with Grant Agreement between European Union: MARE/2014/04 – Sl2.724176 and “SP CONSULT BG” OOD is accomplished.

Up to 30.4.2016, under the aforementioned Pilot project the following results were achieved, according to activity IA-1:

  1. Analysing and processing the existing information about SSF in Bulgaria and Romania;
  2. Mapping of all existing SSF in Bulgaria and Romania;
  3. Create a list/catalogue of all registered SSF in both countries;
  4. Conducting two workshops in Bulgaria and Romania to present the idea of ​​the project and expected results. Presentation of the results from the data processed in relation to the SSF;
  5. Publication of results on the Internet Platform of the project and in mass media.

In addition to the activity IA-1, results were achieved under activity IA-6 and IA-8, for which purposes the Internet Platform and Facebook were created (, https: //www.facebook .com / /), and an “European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea” was established (