Participation of the Association in the SSF Forum in the Black Sea of the GFCM on the management of rapan catches

The President of the European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea, Dr. Dimitrina Kostova, is participating in the FAO’s Small-Scale Fisheries Forum of the General Commission for Fisheries in the Mediterranean (GFCM) on Black Sea Rapan Catch Management.

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The seminar, which will be held on May 9, 2022 in online format, aims to start the process of identifying management measures through stakeholder activities in the framework of the Black Sea Rapan Research Program, which aims to provide a scientific basis for advice on the future establishment of a multi-annual management plan.

Additional catch management measures were presented at the forum, followed by comments from stakeholders and proposals for additional potential management. Measures (spatial, temporal, catch, effort, gear, minimum size, participation, fishing capacity limits and other constraints) for the future management of rapan catches were also identified.