Презентация – Акценти от Регионалния план за действие за устойчив дребномащабен риболов


Акценти от регионалния план за устойчив дребномащабен риолов

For the attention of small-scale fishermen, the members of the European Association for Fishermen at the Black Sea, information about the Workshop on Digital Tools for Small-Scale Fisheries.

Representatives of the European Commission (DG MARE), EU Member States, European Parliament, Council of the European Union, Advisory Councils and other EU stakeholders participated in the Workshop of Digital Tools for Small-Scale Fisheries (Brussels, 4-5 December), organised in the context of the Expert Group on Fisheries Control. Attendees shared knowledge, solutions, current trends and best […]

Ministerial Declaration on the RPOA-SSF, 26 September 2018, Malta


Presentation № 7 from the finale meeting in Nessebar/ Bulgaria


Presentation 7 – Overview Practical guide – Tihomira

Presentation № 6 from the finale meeting in Nessebar/ Bulgaria


Presentation 6 – Finale meeting – Reporting results

The potential of association for women in the small scale fisheries of Romania


Credit: Dimitrina Kostova – PhD “Organization and management outside the sphere of material production” Tihomira Trifonova According to Eurostat data Romania is among the countries in Europe (together with Greece, Italy, Croatia and Spain) with the lowest participation of women on the labour market, but the differences in the earnings of women and men are […]

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