Participation in the European Association of Fishermen in the Black Sea in working groups of KSChM


The President of the European Association Fishermen in the Black Sea , Dr. Dimitrina Kostova, participated in the work of the middle working session of the Black Sea Advisory Council  , held in the period 9-11 May 2023 in the complex “Lebada”, Crisan, Romania.

The topics debated by the participants were “Rapan fishing”, “Jobs in the Blue Economy and will be the training of generations of fishermen” and “Evolution of fishing and marine aquaculture in pandemic and war years”. The main identified problems discussed by the participants were the loss of qualified personnel in the sector, as well as the obstruction of the work of fishermen as a result of the minutes in the Black Sea from the war in Ukraine. In this regard, proposals have been prepared for the EC to deal with the situations.

In addition to representatives of fishing associations and environmental NGOs from Bulgaria and Romania, experts from the Ministry of Environment and Environment and Water and GFCM participated in the meetings.